Friday, 25 September 2015


Breakfast plays an important role in your daily diet.
It is said that
Breakfast like a king,
Lunch like a queen and
Dinner like a beggar!
So don't ever miss out your breakfast because that can keep you stay healthy!
Now I'm giving a recipe of a special idly. yea, many dont like idlies!
But this is really special because for people who look at their diet and their weight, this can be of great help. This is not a usual idly. This idly is made of green gram dal or "paasi paruppu", or
"moong dal"
Yea, this really has a lot of health benifits like:

It helps to loose you weight:
Yea it not only helps in loosing your weight but it also helps in maintaining your body. It fills your tummies quickly and it keeps your tummy full for a longer time!

Helps to control your BP
It maintains your blood pressure, counteracts the effects of sodium and helps you live a life that is healthy and active.

Good source of Iron
Usually vegans suffer from iron deficiency. But if you incorporate this to your diet, you can definitely stay strong, healthy and stay away from anemia.

Protects from skin cancerWhen you are constantly exposed to the harsh rays of the sun and other environmental pollutants, you are allowing free radicals to enter your skin and damage it from within. But if you add green gram to your diet, you will allow the antioxidants present inside your body to fight against cancer!

So do not miss this pesarattu idly made of green gram dal!


Green gram dal                                              - 1cup
Raw rice                                                          - ½ cup
Salt                                                                  - to taste


Grated fresh coconut                                     - ¼ cup
Green chillies                                                  - 6 nos
Ginger                                                              - 1 small piece
Asafetida                                                          - 2 pinches .( powder
Oil                                                                     - 1  ½ tbsps
Mustard seeds                                                 -1/4 tsp


Wash & soak the green gram dal for 6 to 8 hours .
Wash & soak the rice for one hour .( soak the dal & the rice separately .)
Grind each separately in a coarse consistency .Mix together .
Add salt & ferment for 6 to 8 hours .
Before making the idlies ,grind together the coconut gratings, green chillies, ginger piece,
asafetida & add to the grind mixture .
Heat oil & splutter mustard seeds in it & pour over the batter .

Steam idlis in usual manner for 10 minutes .
Serve hot with chutney or sambar .

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