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   Multigrain Health Drink Powder also known as Sathu Maavu is a mixture of various
grains, lentils, nuts and spices. All these ingredients are roasted and ground to a fine powder.
This can be served either with milk and sugar or buttermilk and salt. It is very healthy and is suitable for all ages.
It helps to increases bone strength .
It helps to lose weight, control blood pressure, controls diabetes ,reduce cholesterol .
It has the good source of protein and amino acids,treats aneamia, reverts skin ageing .
For the lactating mothers it helps to increase lactation.
With this homemade multigrain health drink powder I have preapared puttu which is a different one .
 Finger millet/Ragi -1/4 kg
 Pear millet/Kambu -1/4 kg
Foxtail millet(thinai)  - 1/4 kg
Green gram - 1/4 kg
Wheat - 1/4 kg
Fried gram /pottukadalai- 100 grams
Barley - 100 grams
Sago/jevarisi - 50 grams
Almonds  or grounnuts-25 grams

Method for preparing the porridge powder-
Wash finger millet/ragi well and soak it in water overnight.
Next day, rinse well , drain the water, tie it in a muslin cloth and hang it.
Leave it for sprouting. Rinse once in between.
After it has sprouted, rinse it again gently, drain the water and spread it on a cloth for drying. Dry it well either in the sun or in shade inside the house.
After it has dried well, dry roast it, till you get a nice aroma.
Repeat the same process as above for pearl millet, Green gram and Wheat.
Dry roast boiled rice, fried gram, barley, sago,  and groundnut separately.
Now combine all and get it ground in the flour mill/rice mill.
Your porridge powder is ready. 


Multigrain porridge powder                - 2 cups
salt water                                                - as needed ( i used around 1/2 a cup )
grated jaggery                                        - 3/4 cup
cardamom seeds                                    - 3 nos crushed
grated coconut                                        - 1/4 cup
cashews                                                    - few ( fried in ghee )

Take the multigrain porridge powder in a wide bowl.Mix  a pinch of salt in water and boil it and allow it to cool .
Add water littlr by little in the flour and mix the flour so that the flour should be wet and not like a dough ,We need to steam the flour and it requires little humid, so be careful by not adding more water .
sieve it in a siever so that no lumps should be there .
Now spread this mixture in idli plate and steam for 10 to 15 minutes .
Take the cooked flour and just whip once in a mixie .(if there are any lumps it will break )
Melt jaggery in a pan adding little water and let the juice becomes thicker.( if you are using good quality jaggery no need to strain it , otherwise when all the jaggery melts strain it and again let it boil .) 
Now add cardamom powder , grated coconut and remove from flame .
Add the broken flour and mix it well with the jaggery juice .
Add the fried cashews and mix it well .
The delicious and healthy multigrain puttu is ready .

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