Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Neer Kozhakkattai is a traditional dish of Kanyakumari district. It is a healthy breakfast too.
This is usually served with the water in which it is cooked. The water will be so yummy.  Try out this yummy Neer Kozhakkatai for your breakfast.


Par boiled rice or red rice                 - 3 cups
Grated coconut                                     - 2 cups
Salt                                                              - to taste
Coconut oil                                            - 2 tbsps(optional)

Soak the rice in enough water for 4 hours and grind it coarsely with minimum quantity of water.( while grinding  just sprinkle water).
Add the grated coconut and salt and again grind it for five minutes.
The batter should be thick.
Heat a pan add one tablespoon of coconut oil and add the coarsely ground rice and coconut batter.
In a medium flame keep stirring the batter so that if there is any excess  water in the batter it will get absorbed.Keep stirring till the moisture is absorbed.
Remove from flame and allow it to cool for sometime.
Make lemon sized balls out of the batter.
Meanwhile boil two to three litres of water in a broad pan.
When the water starts boiling add prepared rice balls one by one slowly  into the boiling water.
After 5 minutes stir the rice balls gently & carefully
Allow it to cook for 15 minutes in a medium flame. Take one rice ball from the boiling water and check if the rice balls are cooked inside, by cutting it with the spoon.If not let it cook for five more minutes.
By this time the boiling water becomes porridge with the heavenly taste of coconut and aroma of coconut oil.
Serve the boiled kozhakkatais to serving dish with the porridge.
Delicious Neer Kozhakkattais are ready to serve.

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