Friday, 28 October 2016


I do make many traditional sweets but also would like to try new sweets and this one is a unique kesari prepared with cocoa powder and coffee, “Mocha Kesari”. Usually Kesari is made with plain orange food colour and flavoured with pineapple or banana .This mocha rava kesari can be made pretty soon and this one is going to be a true hit amonst your kids.You can make so many variations with kesari,the choice is limitless and you can let go of your imagination to suit your taste.So try this  new sweet coming your way to celebrate your Diwali.


Semolina / rava        - 1cup
Sugar                          - 2 cups
Cocoa powder           -3 tbsptsp
Bru                              - 1 tbsp
Milk                            -1/4 cup
Water                         - 2 cups
Un salted butter       - 3 tbsps
Blanched almonds    - for garnishing


Dry roast semolina in a pan by adding a little ghee.
Fry till nice aroma comes and keep aside.
Boil water and add slowly add the roasted rava by sprinkling it on the water.
Mix well without lumps.
Mix the cocoa powder and bru in the 1/4 cup of milk.
Once rava gets cooked add cocoa powder, bru mixture and sugar, keep stirring till all the sugar is melted and combined well, and add the butter.
Cook till the kesari  looks like a thick mass and it start separates  from the pan, then the kesari is done.
 Yummy chocolaty Mocha Rava kesari is ready to serve.
Garnish it with blanched and sliced almonds.


You can also add grated chocolate chips or chocolate shavings .
You can also add jellies as that would attract kids.

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