Thursday, 8 December 2016


Poori is always a treat and my all time favourite. We usually make pooris out of wheat flour. I have tried with corn rava and mixed the flour with milk instead of water. And it comes out as a tasty corny, fluffy, rich and healthy poori. So friends try out this healthy Corn / jowar rava poori either a treat for your breakfast or for your dinner.


Corn rawa                   - 1 ½ cups
Whole wheat flour     - 11/2 cups
Salt                              - to taste
Butter                         - 2 tbsps
Milk                             - enough to mix the dough
Oil                               - enough to deep fry the pooris


Mix flour, corn rava and salyt together in a mixing bowl.
Rub In butter till it is mixed with flour.
Gradually add milk and knead to a stiff dough,knead several times.
Roll out into pooris and deep fry.
Corn / jowar rava poori is ready to serve.
Serve hot with dum aloo.

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