Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Everyone is  preparing various Modak varieties on the ocassion of Ganesh Chaturthi and I am sure Ganesha would be happy with the modaks offered to him. We usually make steamed modak with various fillings on this festival.  The variety and creativity  is endless.I have been planning to attempt modak with a twist for this year's Ganesh Chaturthi. 
YEAH, the twist is with chocolate and paneer filling and outer covering too with the chocolate dough.
Try this unique paneer chocolate modhakam for this Ganesha chathurthi.


Whole wheat  flour                      - 1 cup
Cocoa  powder              - ¼ cup
Milk                             - 2 tbsps
Sugar                              -  3 tbsps
Vanilla essence                      -1 tsp
Ghee                           - 1 tbsp
Ghee or oil                  - for deep frying


Home made paneer              - ½ cup
Coconut Milk powder                        - ½ cup
Powdered sugar                     - ½ cup
vanila essence                                   - ½ tsp
coco powder                           - ¼ cup
grated coconut                                   - ¼ cup
butter                                      - 3 tbsps


Knead the paneer well with sugar, coco powder, coconut milk powder till it becomes smooth.
(if the paneer mixture is very dry sprinkle some milk and knead well.)
Heat a pan adding 3 tbsps of butter and add the paneer coco powder mixture to it and mix well.
Add the grated coconut, vanilla essence and cook in a medium flame , till the paneer mixture forms a thick dough till all the moisture evaporates.
Remove from flame and allow it to cool.
Our paneer chocolate filling is ready .


Mix whole wheat flour, cocoa powder, sugar, milk and ghee together.Add water and   prepare the  dough to pliable consistency.
Coat the dough with little ghee and cover with wet cloth and set aside for an hour.
 Divide the dough and stuffing and make medium sized balls separately.
Roll  like chappathis , do not spread too thin otherwise the filling will come out while frying.
Cut it into small rounds, with sharp and small round lid .
Place the chocolate paneer stuffing inside and close the sides to form modhak shape
Repeat the same for remaining dough.
 Fry the modhaks in ghee or oil until it turns golden brown.
  Drain it in a colander.
   Yummy tasty , chocolaty paneer chocolate modhakams are ready for nivedyam.
    Offer it to lord Ganesha and seek his CHOCOLATY blessings.

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