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Basundi is a traditional sweet that is prepared for festivals mainly in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. The basundi is a milk-based sweet and is prepared by reducing the milk to half and adding sugar, elaichi powder and dry fruits to it.
The basundi is usually made for festivals and is also a part of most wedding menus in the state of Gujarat. This sweet is a treat to the tastebuds and can be served either hot or chilled. The basundi is generally served with pooris.
The basundi recipe is quick and easy to make and does not require too much of your kitchen time. Hence, it is a great sweet to be prepared for parties and is an all-time favourite for kids.
With this traditional basundi I have added our healthy amlas/nellikais to it. Those who don’t like amlas/nellikais surely like this amla / nellikkai basundhi.
Amlas are pressure cooked and again cooked in sugar syrup to remove its sour taste. So no worries of sour taste of amla / nellikkai.

Try out this unique dessert and put in your feed back.



Full cream milk - 1/2 a litre
Sugar                  - 200 gms for basundhi
Amla / nellikkai         - 200 grams
Sugar                          - 200 grams to boil amlas/nellikkai
Cardamom powder   - 1 tsp


     Wash and pressure cook  amla / nellikkkai in enough water for 6 whistles.
Pour the milk in a non-stick or a heavy-bottomed pan.
Allow the milk to boil in a medium flame and stir continuously to avoid it from burning at the bottom.
Allow the milk to reduce to half.
Meanwhile  add ¼ cup of water in a pan and add 200 grams of sugar and allow it to boil.
Add cooked amla / nellikkai to the boiling sugar syrup and allow to cook in medium flame till the sour taste of amla / nellikai completely goes. ( your sugar syrup tastes sour)
Till that amlas are cooked in sugar syrup.
Drain the amlas / nellikkais from the sugar syrup and add it to the boiling basundhi
Add the sugar to the boiling milk and stir for another 2-3 minutes.
.     Mix milk and amlas/nellikkais gently .
Take half of the amlas from the basundhi with three to four tablespoons of basundhi and blend it in a blender.
Add the blended amlas / nellikkais and basundhi to the boiling basundhis.
Mix gently till everything is incorporated well.
Add cardamom powder just before turning off the stove.
Garnish the basundhi with amlas / nellikais that are cooked in sugar syrup.
Chill and serve.
Yummy, healthy, unique amla / Nellikkai basundhi is ready .

The milk must be reduced on a low flame to avoid it from burning.
The sugar must be added after the milk has reduced, if not, it will not thicken.

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