Thursday, 8 February 2018


Every celebration or event has its own way of celebrating and the main core to do so is to bring up the joy, feel and happiness of that particular moment or event of celebration and people all over the world celebrate all sort of festival, events that are either religiously driven or emotionally driven and one such event of celebration is Valentines Day.
Generally Valentine's Day Colors are Red, White & Pink.
The color white is generally understood to symbolize purity. ...
The color pink is the lovely result of combining red and white.
The Color Red is combo of white and pink. and associated very much with Valentines day. The color red has long been understood to represent life, love, war and death. .
Needless to say, red is a pretty passionate color. And passion is important when it comes to you and your Valentine.
Color psychology leads us to believe that seeing red increases the heart rate, much like being in love.
The color white is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection. The psychological meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. In color psychology white is the color of new beginnings
Pink is a very contradictory color. Its meaning can depend greatly on the culture and context in which it is presented. It can be linked to feminine and masculine, shallowness and tenderness and many other things. 
This is a color that represents a gentle type of love. It is associated with nurturing, so it's not only used for romantic love, but also for familiar love. Pink is a color that has a calming effect on people. It is not aggressive like red, but rather suggests safety and vulnerability.
A dessert with beauty "Beetroots combined
With White Chocolates, and with Phool makhane/ Lotus Seed"

With this pretty passionate red colour , contradictory pink and with pure white colour Sachu's kitchen has come up with an attractive Valentines day dessert to your loved ones.
Here goes the recipe


Beetroot                     -1 cup [finely grated]
Milk                                   - 2 cups
Sugar                                - ¼  to ½ cup
Grated white chocolate   - 1 cup
Phool makhane / lotus seeds     - 1 cup


Roast the lotus seeds and keep aside.
Pressure cook the grated beetroots.
Boil milk and add grated white chocolates and sugar.
Add the cooked beetroots and roasted phool makhane / lotus seeds.
Cook in medium flame till the milk is reduced  and lotus seed / phool makhane becomes soft.
Garnish it with grated white chocolates.
yummy Beet white chocolate  lotus seed / phool dessert is ready to serve
Serve hot or chilled.

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