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karadaiyan nonbu is observed to celebrate Savithri's courage, persisitence, and intelligence to thwart yama and bring back her husband back to life.

The word nonbu means fasting and women used to fast prior to the ritual worship and break their fast with adais served with butter which are traditionally prepared with rice flour and steam cooked.

Traditionally karadaiyan nonbu adai is prepared from rice flour, and steam cooked. Here i have prepared karadiyan nonbu adai  with makka cholam flour/ maize flour. Try this healthy, unique and tasty Makka cholam nonbu adai .
Here is the recipe for  makka cholam/ maize flour karadayan nonbu sweet adai


Rice flour                                            - 1 cup
Makka cholam flour / maize flour   - 1 cup
Powdered jiggery                                 - 2 cups
Water                                                     - 3 cups
Cardamom powder                             - ½ tsp
Bean seed                                             - ¼ cup
Coconut bits                                       - ¼ cup
Ghee                                                     - 2 tbsps


Soak the bean seed for 2 hours and pressure cook with enough water.
Roast the maize flour/ makka cholam flour and  rice flour, till the raw smell goes.
In a pan add three cups of water and powdered jiggery allow it to boil well and dissolve.
When it is dissolves strain through a strainer and again keep it on the flame  till it boils
Add rice flour, powdered cardamom, cooked bean seed, coconut bits.
Stir from the bottom till it thickens. Add ghee, mix well and remove from flame.
Allow it to cool. When cooled, take lemon size dough and press it gently to make thin adas over greased banana leaves. Or else you can make adais  and keep directly over  greased idli plates.
Make a small hole in the centre of each adas with your fore finger.
Steam for about 10 minutes. Remove from flame and keep aside for 5 minutes.
With a sharp edged spatula gently remove adas and keep in a serving dish.
Sweet makka cholam  nonbu adai is ready for naivedyam.
Serve with butter.

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