Saturday, 6 June 2015



·                    Channa dal                              -2 cups
·         Red chillies                            -3 nos.
·         Green chillies                         -6 nos.
·         Garlic                                     -10 numbers
·         Ginger                                    -1 piece
·         Asafoetida                              -1/4 tsp
·         Curry leaves                           -2 springs
·         Coriander leaves                    -2 cups
·         Salt                                         -as required
·         Oil                                           -for deep frying
·         Onion                                    -2 (finely chopped) optional


  •          Wash and soak  Channa dal  in water for about  an hour.
  •           Drain the water completely through an colander.
  •          Grind coarsely adding salt, Asafoetida,green chillies,red  chillies,onion,garlicginger,coriander leaves,curry leaves ,without adding water.
  •          Sprinkle water in between if necessary.
  •          The batter should  be thick and coarsely ground.
  •          Take big lemon size dough and make vadas over a polythene sheet.
  •          [Dip your  fingers in water if it is sticky.]
  •          Tranfer each vadas into the hot oil.(Four or Five at a time)
  •          Turn the other side over and deep fry till it becomes golden on both sides.
  •          Remove from the oil with perforated spoon and keep over a colnder to drain the excess oil.
         Serve hot with tomato sauce or coconut chutney .

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