Thursday, 13 August 2015


On a festival day gift exchange is the best part. It makes you happier and pleasent. And when you get that gift from your beloved sibling it  becomes more special. Yes I'm talking about the one and only RAKSHABANDHAN or the RAKHI POORNIMA celebrated throughout India. The festival in which the sister ties a thread to her brother and as the name of the festival suggests he assures back her RAKSHA under any circumsatnce. But the best part of the festival are the gifts I was talking about.
So brothers do not disappoint your cute and lovely sisters! Gift them them with their favourite chocolates from Sachu's Kithchen!
And for you sisters!
Your brothers would love their rakhis when it is made of their favourite chocolates!
You would love to gift them with these type of chocolates:

  • Butterscotch chocolates
  • Strawberry filled chocolates
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Fruit and nuts
And more and more!!!!

For pre booking contact me!

Make your siblings happier on rakshabandhanby gifting them their favourite chocolates!

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