Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Mixture is one of the most popular snack of South India and also everyone‘s favourite snack. Mixture is one of the easiest snack  to make .For this year’s Diwali try this South Indian traditional mixture.

Besan                                                      - 250 grams
Raw groundnuts                                    -250 grams
Roasted gram (pottukadalai )            - 100 grams
fresh curry leaves                                  - 2 bunches (washed and dried )
asafetida                                                  - ½ tsp
chilli powder                                           - 2 tsps
sugar                                                         - ½ tsp 
salt                                                             - to taste
oil                                                               - for deep frying


Divide the besan flour into three parts .First part is to make the sev for mixture .
Mix besan with  salt and water to make a thick dough . put the dough into a thin sev press & press into hot oil directly .
Fry until golden brown .Keep the flame at medium heat while frying .
Drain and set aside .

Mix the balance two third portion of besan with water and salt to make boondi . This mixture should be of loose consistency (like dosa batter .),  .
Hold a boondi ladle over the hot oil and pour the small quantity of  batter into the ladle, tapthe ladle very gently .Do not tap it too much ,as boondis will loose its shape .(if the boondi’s shape is flat , then  the batter is too watery .add some more besan .If boondi gets tail shaped then the batter needs some more water .)
Fry the boondi till golden brown on medium heat .Drain it .
Mix the sev and boondis together .
Using a large slotted spoon, fry the groundnuts,roasted gram and curry leaves on medium heat  .
The roasted gram should be fried for a minute .( it should not change its colour .)
Mix all the fried items together .Add  sugar , chilli powder , asafetida while everything is hot.
Break the sev and curry leaves into smaller pieces .check for salt and mix well .
Mixture is ready to serve .

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