Friday, 30 October 2015


Then Mittai  actually honey is not inside this sweet ,its sugar syrup that’s inside this mittai .this sweet is very popular in TamilNadu  potty kadai .I had it in my childhood days from my school canteen, I still remember it , my favourite one .Actually I was surfing for some other recipie this one attracted me and tried it and it came out very well .You can also try this for this Diwali .


Par boiled rice                       - 1 cup
Whole urad dhal                   - ¼  cup
Orange red food colour        -as needed             
Cooking oil                            - for deep frying


Sugar                                      - 1 cup
Water                                     - ¼ cup


Wash rice and dhal and soak it together for three to four hours .
Drain them grind  it to a thick paste .(add very little water while grinding )
The batter should be little grainy .It shoud not be very smooth paste .
Add orange red food colouring to the batter and mix it well .
Heat oil and take small lemon sized ball and drop it in oil and fry till crispy .
(dip your fingers in water so that batter will not stick to your fingers)
Keep it aside .

Mix sugar and water in a sauce pan .
Heat it and mix welltill the sugar is melted and let it boil for five minutes .
The sugar syrup will get little thick .
Dip the deep fried mittais in sugar syrup .
Soak it for two minutes .
Then mittai is ready to serve .

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