Saturday, 14 November 2015


One of everybodies favourite! All these days we are stuffed with sweets and salty foods. Now we'll have some spicy things coming in!!
The pickles are on line.
Avakkai is the first one we have. This is a slightly different from all other pickles. Because  the mango is cut with seed. This is the speciality of this pickle. This is an Andhra dish, so expect a very spicy one!


Big green sour mangoes                                         - 16 numbers
Salt                                                                         - 1 kilogram
Chilli powder                                                         - 250 grams
Mustard powder                                                     - 200 grams
Ginger                                                                    -100 grams (optional) ground to a paste
 Whole cloves of Garlic                                        - 100 grams
Cumin seeds                                                          - 25 grams ( powdered)
Methi seeds                                                           - 25 grams (roasted and powdered )
Refined til oil                                                        - 1 kilogram
Asafetida powder                                                  - 2 tspns
Whole channa                                                       - 200 grams soaked in water for 24 hours ( optional)
Mustard seeds                                                       - 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder                                                  - 1 tea spoon


  Wash and wipe the mangoes .
Cut the mangoes into big squares with the seed and remove the kernel from the seed .
Spread on a clean cloth for sometime and put it in the ceramic jar .
Add salt into the mango pieces and add one teaspoon of turmeric powder .
Keep this aside for two to three hours stirring occasionally .
If  you are adding ginger add the ginger paste at this stage and mix well .
After half an hour if adding garlic add garlic after peeling the skin  and mix well .
Mix fried and powdered cumin seeds, methi powder and mix well with a wooden ladle .
After 45 minutes add chilli powder , and mix well  and keep aside .
Dip a clean cloth in til oil and cover the mangoes .
Next day heat 150 grams of oil and put asafetida powder , allow it to cool and add to the mango mixture .
Add the mustard powder and mix well .
Heat 200 grams of oil separately and allow it to cool .
Add to the mangoes mix well and cover it with a cloth dipped in oil .
Add the remaining til oil to the pickle and stir it every day for  two weeks .
Preserve it .

( if you want to add kabuli channa with the pickle , drain the water well from the soaked channa and dry it over a cloth to remove water  and then add .)    

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