Sunday, 8 November 2015


Apple Rabdi is very easy to prepare with minimal ingredients, and the taste just so Delicious and Divine. Give a miss to normal payasam and try this Healthy Low calorie Apple Rabdi  .I want to give this Diwali Celebration to young and Old so this Apple Rabdi with Sugar Substitute. You also can substitute this with jiggery .


  • Milk                                  - 500 ml (Low Fat milk )
  • Apple                                 -2 nos (medium)
  • Sugar substitute             - 2 sachets (3 to 4 tbsps normal sugar if  you need more sweet                                                add little more)
  • Almonds                           - 5 nos
  • Cashews                           - 5nos
  • Nutmeg powder             – a pinch
  • Cardamoam powder      - ¼ tsp


  1. Boil milk in a high flame and reduce the flame and boil it till it becomes half of the quantity .
  2. Meanwhile peel the apple and grate it .(keep the grated apple in water to prevent theapples from changing colour .)
  3. ( if you are adding normal sugar add at this stage to the milk and in lower flame allow to boil for 5 minutes .)
  4. Add the grated apple in a reduced flame for five minutes .(the apple should be tender ).
  5. Finally add cardamom powder and nutmeg powder and remove from flame.
  6. Cool completely and add the sugar substitute .
  7. Garnish it with fried  nuts .
  8. Serve hot or cold .

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