Thursday, 14 January 2016


Mixed dal vada is a vada prepared using the mixture of three types of dal( Urad dal, chana dal, Toor dal). Urad dal gives soft inner layer and chans dal, toor dal gives crunchy outside. It is a delicious recipe. Mixing variety of dals gives an unique taste.


Toovar dal          -1 cup
Urad dal              -1 cup
Channa dal          -1 cup
Salt                      -to taste
Curry leaves        -3 spring
Red chillies         -8 Nos
Asafoetida           -1/8 tspn
Veg. Refined Oil -for deep frying


Wash well and soak all the three dals  together in water for one hour.
Drain the water completely through a colander
Grind coarsely adding salt, red chillies,asafoetida and curry leaves.(sprinkle water occasionally while grinding, if necessary).
The batter should be thick.(A handful of whole channa soaked overnight is ground alongwith  gives better taste and nutrition)
Heat half litre oil in a frying pan.
Make small vadas with the batter and deep fry to a crisp golden colour on both sides.
Four or Five vadas can be fried  at a time.
Remove vadas with the help of perforated spoon and keep  over a colander till excess oil is drained.
Serve hot .

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