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Bisibelebath / bisibelahuli anna is a very popular and traditional dish in Karnataka. To make your bisibelebath authentic you should add Marathi moggu / kapok buds.This spice gives you a special aroma in your bisibelebath.This is larger than cloves. If you get byadgi chillies / bedgi chillies use it. These chillies are grown in Dharwar Karnataka.This also gives special taste to your bisibelebath. If  it is not available use ordinary red chillies.
If you keep this powder handy you can prepare bisibelebath instantly at any time.

Bisi means hot (temperature), bele meaning lentils and huli meaning sour, anna meaning rice. Bisi bele bath is dal and rice cooked together with tamarind and some special spice powders.
This recipe was published in SRUTHIVANI magazine,published by Kerala Brhamana Sabha, Thrissur unit.


Urad dal  ( ulundu paruppu)                -1  tbsp 
Chana dal ( kadalai paruppu)              - tbsp
Coriander seeds( dhania)                      - 3 tbsp
Fenugreek seeds (vendayam)             - 1/2 tsp
Poppy seeds / khus khus                        - 2 tbsp 
Cardamom/ elaichi                                   - 1 no
Cinnamon                                                     - 2 inch piece
Cloves                                                              - 4 nos
Marathi moggu ( kapok buds)              -  6 nos
Mace (jathipathiri)                                     - little
Dry coconut ( kopra)                                - 1 small cup ,grated
Curry leaves                                                   - few
 Red Chillies                                                   - 15 nos
Oil                                                                      -   2 tsp


Method :
   In a frying pan dry roast dry coconut in a low flame till they are crispy. Keep them aside .
  Add few drops of oil to the same pan .Fry the red chillies and curry leaves on low flame till the chillies are crisp. Remove from flame and keep aside.
To the same pan,add black gram,bengal gram,corianderseeds,cuminseedsfenugreek,cardamom, cinnamon ,cloves,kapok buds and mace. Fry on low flame till they are aromatic.Lastly add poppy seeds,fry for just a few seconds.
Combine all the roasted ingredients together and allow them to cool.
Grind all the roasted ingredients and dry coconut to the jar.
Grind to a smooth powder .
Store the powder in an air tight container and use it while making bisibelabath .


Kapok buds and poppy seeds are very  important ingredient in  bisi bele bath powder.Dont omit it.
If you want you can omit dry coconut. You can grind and add at the time of making bisibelabath.

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