Saturday, 6 February 2016


"Thavalai" is a tamil word and it means a vessel.This dosa is cooked in a Appachatti. This is a specia dish from North Arcot District of TamilNadu.  There is no need for fermentation of the batter.Very easy to prepare and tastes delicious too.


Raw Rice                                                                      - 1 cup 
Urad dal/Husked Black gram                             - ½ cup
 Sour Curd (beaten)                                                  - 1 cup
Dry Red Chillies ( ground to a fine paste)      - 4 nos(grind to a fine paste)
 Asafoetida                                                                   - ½ tsp
Salt                                                                                  -to taste
Gingelly oil                                                                –to prepare dosas


Wash rice and urad dal and soak in enough water seperately for 30 minutes.
Grind rice and urad dal seperately to a fine batter adding minimum water and mix both the batter together. Now add the beaten sour curd , chilli paste, asafoetida and salt to the batter.
Allow the batter rest for one hour.
Heat the appachatti and grease it with oil .
Pour a ladle of batter into the centre of pan. Hold the pan with both the handles and quickly swirl it around so that the batter coats base and sides of pan evenly .
Cover pan and cook over low heat till you see that the middle of the dosa is cooked and the edges browned.
 Remove Dosai from flame.
Serve hot with  mixed dal  tomato kuruma.

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