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The herb ‘Sarasaparilla’, known as ‘Nannari’ is a wonder herb which would come in handy during summer, with its cooling medicinal property of protecting one from common summer ailments.
We used to drink a mixture of extracts from ‘Nannari’ roots, adding a tint of lime juice and sugar to keep them cool during summer.  Being a natural coolant, ‘Nannari’ is grown in cool places. The exposed part of the root is brown in colour, while the inner part is whitish. The root has an astringent taste and a pleasant odour. The herb is found in foothills and only the roots of the herb are used for extraction.
 ‘Nannari’ roots have the medicinal quality of providing relief from constipation, and acidity, and also purifies blood.
. It helps to relieve body pain, and helps in keeping the body cool and also controls tonsillitis.
During peak summer, one and all can enjoy the ‘nannari’ drink .
With this  natural body coolant “nannari”  sharbath I have prepared a musk melon ice cream shake.
And the benefits of musk melon , It controls blood pressure, strengthens eye sight, helps in quitting smoking, helps to lose weight and also it is a high source of proteins.
Try this Musk melon nannari ice cream milk shake and cool your body naturally.


Home made Musk melon ice cream          - 1 cup
Chilled milk                                                            - 1 cup
Nannari / sarasaparilla  sharbath                - 2 tbsps
Honey                                                                       -1 ½ tbsps


Blend milk with honey and nannari sharbath well.
Add the home made musk melon ice cream and blend again.

Pour it to the tall glass and drizzle it with honey.
Musk melon Nannari ice Cream Milk shake is ready to drink.

For home made musk melon ice cream recipe refer

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