Friday, 22 April 2016


Unniappam is one of the pride recipes in Kerala. I know that unniyappams may not be unique recipe but this Mambazha Unniappam, yes .Of cours this is the unique one. And have you ever tasted this ?
It is very easy to make and much tasty as well.Try out this and enjoy the heavenly taste of mango in unniyappam form.


Samai rice / small millet        - 1/4 cup
Varagu rice / kodo millet      - 1/4 cup
Thinai / fox tail millet            - ¼ cup
Hand pound rice                     - 1/4  cup
wheat flour                                 1/4 cup
Jaggery                                        -1/2cup
Mango puree                           -  from 2 mangoes (medium sized)
Cardamom powder              - ¼ tsp
Refined oil or ghee                - for frying neyyappams


Wash and soak raw samai rice, thinai, varagu rice, hand pound rice together in enough water  for half an hour.
Drain the water, add jaggery,and grind. 
Finally add the mango puree and  add powdered elaichi  and mix well.
The batter should neither be too watery nor too thick.
Keep appa karai over the gas, pour 4 tbsp pure ghee and 4 tbsp pure refined oil in each mould and heat over the gas.
When the oil is well heated slow down the fire.Pour 1 small ladle of the batter into each mould.
After a minute using a sharp knife or an iron needle gently turn over the other side.
Cook till it is golden brown on both sides.
Prick with the needle and keep it over a colander to drain the excess oil.
Millets Mamabazha neyyappam is ready to serve.

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