Friday, 15 April 2016


Another sweet offering for Sri Rama Navami,  Panchamrutham.

The standard Panchamrutham has gone through a variety of experimenting in various parts of India where the ingredients are altered with the availability and choices of the nectars in each states.
Here is my version of panchamrutham.


Ripe bananas                   - 3 nos

Honey                               -3/4 cup

Sugar                                -2 tablespoons

Sugar crystals (kALKANDU)      - 1/2 cup

Green cardamom powder           -1 teaspoon

Ghee                                                         - 1  ½ tbsps
        Raisins                                    -2 tablespoons


Peel the bananas, chop  add   honey, sugar crystals, sugar, green cardamom powder, and kishmish and mix well. 

Serve as prasadam.

You can mash the bananas slightly if you want. I usually don't like to mash it.
You can add dates, seedless grapes, powdered jaggery, cashews too.

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