Thursday, 23 June 2016


This may be the last jackfruit recipe in this jackfruit season. I have tried one more sweet delicacy with this queen of fruits. A simple sweet dish anyone can do .I used organic coconut sugar for this recipe . The jackfruit bulbs ground  with organic coconut sugar, rava and deep fried in ghee, then soaked in coconut milk wow, tastes heavenly. Try it out friends.
Thanks to plattershare and goindia organic for giving me this opportunity to try a recipe.

Jackfruitbulbs                           - 2 cups
Roasted semolina                  -  1 cup
Rice flour                                    - ¼ cup
Fresh grated coconut           -  2 tbsps
Organic coconut sugar         - 1 cup ( increase or deacrease the quantity of sugar according                                                                                       to the sweetness of jackfruit)
Thick coconut milk                 - 2 cups
(Add a tbsp of organic coconut sugar with the coconut milk)
Cardamom powder               -  a pinch
Oil or ghee                                  - for deep frying


Grind Jackfruit pieces, organic coconut sugar, grated coconut in the grinder to a smooth consistency without adding water.
. Mix semolina and rice flour to the ground mix and keep it for 15 minutes.
Make round from balls from the dough and keep aside..
Heat oil in a pan and gently drop the jackfruit balls in to the hot oil.
Fry till the jackfruit balls are golden colour.
Drain it in a colander and keep aside.
Take a serving bowl and pour coconut milk in it and add cardamom powder..
Arrange the jackfruit coconut sugar balls in the coconut milk
Jackfruit coconut sugar sweet balls are ready to serve.

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