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Kolhapuri Masala Recipe is a spicy Maharashtrian Masala Chutney Powder) used as a versatile masala to add an authentic touch when cooking Maharashtrian dishes.  As a lot of Kolhapuri dishes are popular for being extremely spicy, Fiery, Earthy and aromatic with the combination of spices, it can be used in any of dry curries and gravies too.If it is home made, it will enhance the taste of our dishes. Try out this friends.

 Red Chilli Powder                                                     - 1/2 cup
Coriander Seeds                                                         - ¼ cup
Jeera/Cumin Seeds                                                    - 1 tsp
Dry Coconut. Shredded        -                                  - 2 tbsps
Fenugreek seeds                                                          - 2 tsp
Sesame Seeds                                                                - 1 tsp
Black Peppercorns                                                      - 1 tsp
Poppy seeds                                                                     - 2 tsps
Star anice                                                                          - 2 nos
Stone flower                                                                     - 10 grams
Green cardamoms                                                          - 5 grams
Mustard seeds                                                                    - 1 tsp
Bay leaves                                                                             - 25 grams
Shahi jeera                                                                            - 2 tsps
Cinnamon Stick                                                                 -  ½ inch
Nutmeg                                                                                    - 1
Cloves                                                                                       -  4nos
 Fennel Seeds                                                                         - ½ tsp
Small onions                                                                          - 400 grams
Garlic Cloves, thinly sliced                                               - 50 grams
Coriander Leaves, patted dry and finely chopped - 1/4cup
Oil`                                         -                                                  -  1 tbsp


Roast each spice ingredient in a little Oil on a low flame till nice flavor comes.
When cool powder it in a blender and keep aside.
Heat oil in a  pan and roast finely sliced onion, garlic and coriander leaves till they becomes nice brown colour  and crisp.
Keeo aside to cool .
Powder finely  it in a blender .
Add red chilli powder to the ground spice powder and mix them well.
Cool and store this spice powder in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.


Since the kohlapuri spice powder is made using fresh ingredients like onion, garlic and coriander leaves, make sure that they are nicely browned and dry. Or else the spice powder will have shorter shelf life.

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