Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Kesari' is a popular South Indian dessert made of semolina, sugar, and ghee This traditional sweet dish is easy to prepare.
Here I have prepared this milk kesari with varagu rice / kodo millet and rava.
 Shira, Rava kesari bhaat, Mango Kesari, Pineapple kesari are other variants of the basic Kesari recipe. In today's recipe of 'Milk Kesari' or Paal Kesari, therava and the varagu rice both are cooked in milk. This kesari  has a rich and creamy texture and is so tasty. This can be prepared with less time at hand with small amount of ghee and can be offered as 'naivedyam' during festival days. This delicious milk dessert can be served hot or chilled.


Boiled varagu rice (kodo millet)                 - ½  cup
Roasted rava                                                      - ¾ cup
Sugar                                                                     - 2 cups
Boiled milk                                                         - 3 cups
Ghee                                                                      - less than ¼ cup
Powdered cardamom                                      - ¼ tsp
Nutmeg powder                                                - 1 pinch

Ghee                                                                      - 2 tbsps
Cashews                                                               - 10 nos


Boil the varagu rice with 1 ½ cups of milk and mash it well and keep aside.
 Boil the remaining milk and add roasted rava and cook it till all the milk is absorbed.
Add boiled varagu rice, sugar and  the ghee and cook well till the whole mixture starts thickening and leaves the sides of the pan.
Remove from flame and garnish it with fried cashews.
Varagu paal kesari is ready to serve.

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