Thursday, 25 August 2016


The traditional way of making seedai is with rice flour. I have used wheat flour instead of rice flour. Steaming the atta, and adding small quantity of rice flour and adding coconut milk with it tastes heavenly.. Try out this healthy wheat coconut milk seedais for this Krishna Jayanthi.


Wheat flour                                                      - 1 cup
Rice flour                                                          - ½ cup
Roasted and powdered urad dal powder    -2 tbsps
Freshly grated coconut                                   - 1 to 1 ½ cups
 Melted           butter                                        - 3 tsps
Salt                                                                     - to taste
Cumin seeds                                                     -1/4 tsp
Asafetida powder                                            - a pinch
Coconut milk                                                   - ¼ cup
 Cooking oil                                                     - for deep frying the seedai


In a clean white cloth add wheat flour and tie the ends of the cloth to make a bag and steam it for 15mins. (I used aashirvaad aatta.)
Allow it to cool .Then crumble it with your hands.Then sieve it.
Iin a mixer add the steamed aatta, rice flour,urad dal powder, salt and asafetida and blend it well.In a mixing bowl add sieved blended flours,grated coconut, melted butter,and cumin seeds.
Mix well once with your hands then add coconut milk,  little by little to form a smooth dough.
Add some water too, to make a smooth dough.
The dough should not stick so (add water accordingly) and make a dough.
Then pinch a small balls and roll it gently without applying any pressure.Roll it such that its slightly bigger than peas. Do not roll them tightly just pinch and roll them.
Repeat the procedure till the entire dough gets over.Let it sit for 5mins for the moisture to get absorbed.Meanwhile,  heat oil in a pan and drop few balls slowly and fry the seedais for  in medium flame till its golden in color.
Gently turn over to cook evenly.
Wheat coconut milk seedais are ready to offer to lord Krishna.
Enjoy this unique and healthy seedai.

Adding grated coconut helps the air pass in (to expand) when put in the hot oil, it prevents the seedais from spluttering .


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