Monday, 24 October 2016


Rasgulla, Say that word a few times and you will actually get a feel of how the spongy Bengali sweet rasgulla can taste like. You can buy rasgullas in cans but nothing beats the taste of making it at home using your own rasgulla recipe, especially during Diwali. So this Diwali, I chose to make a fresh batch of homemade rasgulla with a variation and here’s  recipe for you.
It's a very simple, easy and interesting process. This is a variant of Rasogolla where the basic recipe is similar to that of normal Rosogolla recipe but I added the rosemilk flavour to the chana. 


Full Cream Milk         -one litre
Vinegar                      - 2 table spoon
Water                         -5 Cups
Sugar                          -2 cups
Rose milk Essence     -2 tsps


    Boil the milk at low temperature.
  While boiling add the vinegar and stir it .  Your milk will start to curdle and you can see diluted water which seperates from      chena(chhana) will be formed .
 Now using a muslin cloth drain the water and wash the chena under the running tap water. ( this step is to remove all the vinegary or if you are using lime juice, lemony taste or smell. )
Now tied the two ends of the muslin cloth tightly and let it drain all the excess water for30 to 45 minutes.
And at this time you may put a heavy weight on the muslin cloth for better draining.
Take out the chena from the cloth ,add the rose one tsp of rose milk essence to the Chena, it will turn into lovely pink color immediately.
Now mash the chena using your palm on the kitchen slab  till it’s very smooth and creamy and  has absolutely no lumps.
Now Divide the chena into equal parts. With your palm  give them nice and even ball shape.
The balls should have no cracks otherwise it may break off during boiling .
These balls  will be double in size after boiling in sugar syrup.Accordingly prepare the size of the balls.
Now make  sugar syrup using the sugar and water in the exact quantity mentioned. The syrup should not be thick and will be on the thinner side.
Add remaining 1 tsp of rose milk essence to the sugar syrup..
Then add the prepared balls in this syrup,cover it tightly with a lid and let it boil for 20 -25 mins.
As the rasogollas  will be almost double in size after boiling ,choose a boiling pan of a big size so that after increased in size they can easily play around in the sugar syrup.
Remove the pan from heat.
Pinky sweety, yummy  Rosemilk rasgulla is ready.
Serve it hot or chilled.

Remember the mashing chena is the most important step of making rasogolla because the quality of this sweet depends on its smoothness ,sponginess