Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Sorghum is known as Jowar in Hindi, Cholam in Tamil,  Jonna in Telugu, Jola in Kannada and cholum in Malayalam. Sorghum is a powerhouse of nutrition and is a good source of dietary fiber.  According to some studies sorghum may reduce the risk of certain cancers and also help manage cholesterol levels. With this Sorghum we are going to learn a festival recipe, sorghum/jowar/ cholam vella puttu . Instead of rice flour we are making it with sorghum. This is a wonderful way to include sorghum/ jowar / cholam in our diet.   Let’s go to the recipe.


 Maize flour / makka cholam podi              - 2 cups
Grated jiggery                                                  - 1 ½ cups
Boiled and cooled water                                - 1 cup
Cardamom powder                                         - ½ tsp
Finely chopped coconut pieces                     - ¼ cup
Ghee                                                                    - 3 tbsps 



Heat a pan and add the Maize / cholam powder  and fry it till nice aroma comes.
Mix  a pinch of salt in water and boil it and allow it to cool .
Add water little by little in the flour and mix the flour so that the flour should be wet and not like a dough ,We need to steam the flour and it requires little humid, so be careful by not adding more water .
Sieve it in a siever so that no lumps should be there .
Now spread this mixture in idli plate and steam for 10 to 15 minutes .
Take the cooked flour and just whip once in a mixie( if there are any lumps it will break).
Melt jaggery in a pan adding little water and let the juice becomes thicker.( if you are using good quality jaggery no need to strain it , otherwise when all the jaggery melts strain it and again let it boil .) 
Now add cardamom powder , one tbsp of ghee  and remove from flame .
Add the broken flour and mix it well with the jaggery juice .
Meanwhile fry the finely chopped coconut bits in the remaining ghee  till golden brown colour.
Add the fried coconut bits and mix it well .
The delicious and healthy sorgham vella puttu/ jowar vella puttu / makka cholam vella puttu is ready .

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