Thursday, 23 February 2017


Halwa is a Traditional  Indian recipe which is usually prepared in all special occasions and festivals. Very simple and easy to prepare recipe. I have prepared this halwa with semolina/ rava and the seasonal pink beauty strawberry, and instead of ghee I have used butter.The combination of butter and strawberry makes a heavenly taste that you can't stop eating.

Semolina / rava                                                                   -      1cup
Sugar                                                                                    -  3cups
Strawberry puree from 500 grams of strawberries    - 3 cups
Un salted butter                                                                 -  100 grams


Fried cashews                                                                    - 100 grams
Fresh sugar sprinkled strawberries

Dry roast semolina in a pan by adding a little ghee.
Fry till nice aroma comes.
Boil strawberry puree and add slowly add the roasted rava by sprinkling it .
Mix well without lumps.
Once rava gets cooked add sugar, keep stirring till all the sugar is melted and combined well, and  add   one fourth of butter.
The halwa  will be like a thick mass and start separating from the pan, at this stage add the remaining butter and mix well.
 Yummy  strawberry butter  halwa  is ready to serve.
Garnish it with fresh sugar sprinkled strawberries or fried cashews.

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