Thursday, 24 August 2017


The South Indian version, payasam  is  an integral part of traditional South Indian meals. In a South Indian meal, payasam is served first at any formal or auspicious occasion.
 South Indian payasam also makes extensive use of jaggery  and coconut milk in place of sugar and milk. Vermicelli (semiya) is commonly used. The most common types of payasam in South India include Pal (milk) payasam, Javvarisi (sago/tapioca pearl) payasam, Semiya (vermicelli) payasam, Paruppu (dhal) payasam, Nei (ghee) payasam , Wheat payasam, Wheat rava (wheat semolina) payasam, and Arisi Thengai (coconut and rice) payasam, which is a traditional Iyengar-style recipe.
Here I have prepared payasam with bell peppers!!!!!!!!!!!!!/ capsicum!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bell pepper/capsicum Payasam sounds weird, to say the least, and isn’t something that sits easy in one’s mind if you know Indian sweets and desserts, that too with chocolates instead of sugar. This payasam tastes heavenly with the mild aroma of bell pepper.

Try out this payasam and make  this onam a fusion one.


Finely chopped Red and yellow bell peppers     - 1 cup
Grated White chocolate                                          - 1 cup
Milk                                                                             - 500 ml


Grated white chocolates                                           - 1 tbsp


Boil the bell peppers in half litre milk till it becomes soft.
Then add grated white chocolate to the boiled bell peppers and boil it in a medium flame till you get desired consistency.
Remove from flame and  garnish it with grated white chocolate.
Yummy spicy sweety bell pepper chocolate payasam is ready to serve.  
Celebrate spicy fusion Onam with this bell pepper chocolate payasam.               

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