Thursday, 24 August 2017


Payasam from Broccoli ad honey a diabetic friendly payasam for diabetic patients to celebrate their onam in a healthy way. Our diabetic friends have very less choice to have payasam. So thought of them and prepared an unique , healthy , tasty and sugar free payasm for them.

Payasam from Broccoli!!!!!!!!!!! You all are wondering, yeah I can feel that. Easy to prepare payasam and diabetic friendly too.

. Generally when a person is diagnosed with diabetes, they start cutting out on sugars, which is really good for blood sugar control. Sometimes people go to the extremes saying that “I am getting used to not having any sweet at all,”. . These days, sugar-free and fat-free alternatives are available everywhere ranging from ice cream, jam, fruit juices, cereals etc

But natural sugar free product is very good for health and have no side effects..
So let’s go for our diabetic friendly Broccoli Honey payasam recipe .


Broccoli florets                       - 1cup
Honey                         - ½ cup
Milk                             - 500 ml


Fried cashews            - 10 nos


Boil the broccoli florets in half litre of milk till it becomes soft.
Add half cup of honey to it and boil it in a medium flame till you get desired consisitency.
Remove from flame and garnish it with fried cashews.


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