Sunday, 29 October 2017


This is my another  unique variation  recipe which I made for rawa  pongal. It is a spicy and coconutty pongal dish which i  used coconut milk for cooking the dhal and rawa. This pongal tastes  heavenly. You have to try it for sure..


Fine rawa                               - 1 cup
Green gramdhal                   - ½ cup
Water                                    -  2 cups
Coconut milk              -  3 ½ cups
Salt                                          - to taste
Oil and ghee                         - 4 tbsps

Black pepper                        - 1 tsp
Cumin seeds                         - ½ tsp
Broken cashews                   - 1 tbsp


Cook dhal in one and half cups of coconut milk and one cup of water adding required amount of salt for dhal  Boil two  cups of coconut milk and one cup of water with required salt for rava adding a tbsp of ghee and Cook the rava till rava gets cooked.
Add the t cooked dhal to the cooked rava and mix well.
Cover and cook in medium flame till moisture is absorbed,
Stir in between to prevent charring .
Heat oil and ghee separately and season with cashewnuts , pepper, and cumin seeds.
Pour in the dhal rawa mixture
Stir till it is mixed well.
Yummy Coconut Milk Rawa Pongal is ready to serve.
Serve hot with melted ghee on top accompanied with coconut chutney  and ghotsu.

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