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Many of you must be wondering what is dodol?  Yes me too wondered first time when I heard about this sweet dessert, when my friend told me about this. Thank you dear friend for introducing this sweet to me. I googled a lot about this sweet and got different types of recipes. Basically preparation of this sweet is back breaking process. But I wanted to prepare this sweetest sweet in eay and simple way coz nowadays no one have time to prepare very much time consuming dishes.

Dodol or dhodal is a rich, jelly-like sweetmeat of Malay origins that has not gained due recognition around the world. It is very popular in Sri Lanka,Goa  of course in South East Asia. The main ingredients used to make dodol are also very typical of the above mentioned areas such as fresh coconut milkred/brown or black rice flour and jaggery or palm sugar.
. In Sri Lankan dodol, red rice (naatu arisi) is used and in the commercially sold dodols nuts and dried fruits are also frequently added to please and to attract the customers..

Traditionally . The red rice is sent to the mill to be grinded and then carefully sieved at home, rejecting any grains found. The rice flour is then mixed with the second portion of the coconut milk. Adding the rice flour directly into the boiling coconut milk might result in lumps, so therefore the rice flour is first mixed with the second portion of the coconut milk and made into a smooth, fine paste before adding to the thick, boiling coconut gravy. Traditionally black jiggery is used  which is dark brown in colour, that together with the red rice flour gives the dhodal a rich, deep-brown look.

So without much changes I have managed to prepare this sweet with our  store bought white rice flour and our normal jiggery and with coconut milk powder. So friends lets go for our recipe. DHODAL.


Coconut milk powder                        - 4 cups
Luke warm Water                                         - 6 cups
Rice flour                                                        - 1 cup
Powdered jiggery                                           - 400 grams
Salt                                                                  - a pinch


 Dilute the  coconut milk powder  with luke warm water without any lumps.
 In a bowl, measure up 1 cup of rice flour  Pour one cup of the coconut milk powder  water mixture in the rice powder  and mix until smooth without any  lumps and  keep  aside.
Grease a  tray with  ghee and keep aside.
Heat a  pan, melt the jaggery with about half a cup of water,
Boil until the jaggery has melted completey.and strain the impurities.
And heat the strained jiggery syrup pour the coconut milk powder water mixture to it. And keep  stirring the jiggery and coconut milk powder mixture in a medium flame , so that it doesn't get burned on the bottom.
Next step is to add thre rice flour coconut milk powder mixture.
But Before adding the rice flour, stir it properly first because the flour has probably sank to the bottom. If you add the rice flour without stirring it will  become a little lumpy
Next Add the rice flour coconut milk powder mixture to the above jiggery coconut milk mixture. and stir well.
After adding the rice flour, stir  well to dissolve any lumps.
 The dodol will get darker, thicker and glossier as it gets cooked
 The entire cooking   process will take one to two  hours, on medium heat. When the dodol leaves the sides, is thick and is not sticky, it can be removed  from the stove.
Remove  from the stove and  transfer  it on the greased tray  and level it
 Allow  it to cool. Once it has cooled, slice the dodol with a knife or a cookie cutter.
Yummy cocouty Dhodal is ready to eat.
celebrate this Diwali this  yummy sweet.
Keep them in an air-tight container .

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