Tuesday, 10 October 2017


 I always love to try new dishes . and this one is a unique kesari prepared with white chocolates, butter and bency rava. usually we use ghee to prepare kesari But here in this recipe I have used butter. It will give an unique and rich taste to the kesari. And  another main ingredient for this kesari is white chocolate.. this kesari can be made pretty soon and this one is going to be a true hit amonst your kids.You can make so many variations with kesari,the choice is limitless and you can let go of your imagination to suit your taste.So try this  new sweet coming your way to celebrate your Diwali.

This recipe is published in 'Aval Kitchen" tamil magazine in Diwali special issue.

Another fusion Mocha Rava Kesari is posted in in my blog. for recipe check the link


Bency rava                             - 1 cup
Grated white chocolate      - 1 cup
Sugar                                        – ½  cup
Un salted butter                     - ½ cup
Milk                                          - 2 cups 


Roasted cashews             
- few
Grated white chocolate   - 1 tsp


Boil the milk in a pan  and add bency rava and allow it to cook in a mediem flame.
Once it is cooked add sugar and cook in a medium flame ,
keep stirring till all the sugar is melted and combined well, and add half of the butter.
 After few minutes add the grated white chocolate and Add the remaining butter and cook till till the kesari  looks like a thick mass and it start separates  from the pan, then the kesari is done.
Yummy buttery chocolaty kids favourite white chocolate butter kesari is ready to serve.
Garnish it with fried cashews and grated white chocolate.

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