Tuesday, 30 January 2018


 Easy no messy, no soaking, no grinding aval / poha buttermilk  idlis for your breakfast of course a healthy idli too to make your breakfast extremely delicious and healthy.A handful of poha, a little suji , buttermilk and rice flour that is all that you need to prepare these idlies

Buttermilk                                                -  4 cups
Aval / Flattened rice (Poha)                   -2 cups (I HAVE USED BROWN POHA/AVAL)
Sooji (Semolina Rava)                            - 4 tablespoons
Rice flour                                                  - 1 tablespoon
Crushed Ginger garlic green chillies                 - 2 tbsps
Salt                                                                        -  to taste
Mustard seeds                                         - 1 teaspoon
Ghee                                                         - 1 tablespoon
Pepper                                                      - 10 to 15 corns

 Whisk the buttermilk in a mixing bowl and keep it aside.
Now add poha, suji, rice flour and salt as needed. Mix everything with buttermilk well, so that everything gets incorporated well. Blend in a mixer for a while.
The batter may look thin but it will get thick after few hours.
Cover the bowl with a lid and allow it to ferment for overnight or minimum 4 hours. Once the batter is done, stir and mix it vigorously with a ladle or spatula
Next day or after 4 hours Add  crushed green chillies  garlic ginger and mix well.
 Heat 1 tablespoon ghee  in a pan and add mustard seeds and pepper corns. As soon as it splutters,, put the seasonings in the batter and mix well..
Grease the idli moulds or any small cups and put batter generously in each one of them. Steam the idlis in a 
steamer  for 10 to 15 minutes or till it is properly cooked.Easy, healthy, delicious Poha / Aval Buttermilk idlies are ready to serve.
Serve Aval /Poha Buttermilk Idli with chutney or sambar as you wish.
Use any kind of poha / aval / flattened rice

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