Saturday, 6 June 2015


A unique variety of unniyappam with our fruit queen Jack fruit. Try out this and enjoy the jack fruit as  a sweet snack.


1 cup raw rice¾ cup jaggery10-12 pieces jack fruit1/2 tsp powdered cardamom 4 tbsp pure ghee4 tbsp refined oil

  • Wash and soak good quality raw rice in water for half an hour
  • Drain the water, add jaggery and jackfruit, and grind well
  • Place in a bowl, add powdered cardamom and mix well
  • The batter should neither be too runny nor too thick
  • Keep appa karai (the vessel in which appams are made) over the gas, pour ghee and refined oil in each mould and heat over the gas
  • When the oil is well heated, simmer
  • Pour 1 small ladle of the batter into each mould
  • After a minute using a sharp knife or an iron needle gently turn the appam over
  • Cook till it is golden brown on both sides
  • Prick with the needle and keep it over a colander to drain the excess oil.

This recipe is published in manorama food online!!
do check it out!!

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