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Good quality raw rice                          -                              2cups
Urad dal                                               -                              2tbsp
Ripe coconut                                        -                             1 coconut ( freshly grated )
Coconut water                                     -                              ½ cup
Cooking soda                                      -                              1tsp
Oil                                                       -                              for making
Sugar                                                   -                              2tsp
Salt                                                      -                              to taste


Wash and soak rice and urad dal for 3 hrs.
Wash again; grind to a fine paste adding freshly grated coconut and coconut water, salt and sugar.
Keep the batter for 3hrs before making aappam.
At the time of  making  aappam add cooking soda and mix well.
Heat a greased kadai pour 1 laddle of aappam batter in the centre.
Hold both the ends of the kadai with a cloth, gently  rotate, to spread batter slightly bigger.
Pour one tsp  of oil around the edges and cook over  medium flame for 3 minutes .
gently turn the other side over with a spatula and cook for 1 min.
Remove from kadai.
Serve with potato stew.


Ripe coconut                       -              1[extract the milk]
Big potato                           -              2[scraped and cut into thin slices]
Fresh peas                           -              1 cup [shelled]
Onion                                  -              2 [peeled and cut into slices]
Carrots                                -              ½ cup[scraped and cut into pieces]
Green chillies                     -             6[finely chopped]
Ginger                                 -              1 inch piece
Salt to taste
Curry leaves                     -              1 spring

Extract the coconut millk  3 times. Keep the 1st milk separately.
In the 2nd 3rd extracted milk add all the vegetables, ginger, green chillies and salt.
Boil and cook till the vegetables are tender.
Simmer the flame & cook till the gravy becomes thick
Add the 1st extracted coconut milk, mix well and remove from the fire.
Garnish with curry leaves.
 Serve hot with appam .


Grind finely grated coconut in a mixie.
Transfer to a vessel and add 1 ½ cups of hot boiling water.
When cooled squeeze out the m ilk and strain through a strainer.
In this way extrac t the milk 2 more times.

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