Saturday, 31 October 2015


Meethi mathri (sweet mathri) is a traditional deep-fried snack .This is a shortcut [astry like dough,flattened into rounds and deep fried  and coated with sugar syrup .It is a crunchy with a taste of sweetness suitable for all the festivals .This sweet usually preapared during Karva Chauth and diwali .
Maida                          - 1 cup
Sooi rava                     - 2 tbsps
Salt                              - ¼ tsp
Ghee                           -1/4 cup
Warm water                -1/4 cup
WATER                       - 1 cup
Sugar                          - ½ cup
Cardamom powder     - 1 tsp

Mix maida rava and salt togwther in abowl and add ghee to that .
Rub this flour with your fingers until flour resembles bread crumbs .
Gradually add warm water to it in small quantity to make a dough .knead the dough for five minutes till it is soft .
Keep closed for thirty minutes .
After thirty minutes make balls from the dough and roll it into a disc about ¼ inch thick and 2 inches of diameter .
Make tiny holes with the fork so that it won’t fluff while frying .
Heat oil in a kadai fry the mathris till it turns to golden brown colour and keep aside to cool .
Meanwhile preapare the sugar syrup by boiling sugar, water and cardamom powder together in a heavy bottomed pan .
Once the mixture comes to boil , reduce the heat and continue to cook till the sugar syruo reaches two string consistency .( to check the string consistency , dip your forefinger in the cold water and then quickly in the hot syrup.when two strings formed in between thumb and fore finger that’s the consistency .)
Remove from flame and dip the deep fried mathris into the sugar syrup for 30 seconds so that the sugar syrup is completely coated over mathris.
Arrange the sugar coated mathris on a tray till completely dry .
Meethi mathri is ready to eat .

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