Saturday, 7 November 2015


Chivda is a delicious and crunchy spicy and sweet roasted rice flakes cereal combined with dry roasted groundnuts and raisins to make ii much more tasty .Traditionally chivda or mixture is deep fried snack , but as always I like to make a low calorie snack, this one too I tried to bake in oven,resulting in perfect crispiness This is also a perfect tea time snack. I have used brown aval here . You can use white also .


  • Beaten rice ( brown aval)          - 500 grams
  • Sesame seeds                         - ¼ cup
  • Curry leaves                            - 10 to 12 springs
  • Groundnuts                              - ¼ cup
  • Green chillies                           - 4 nos (finely chopped)
  • Raisins                                    - ¼ cup
  • Turmeric powder                      - 2 tsps
  • Red chilli powder                      - 1 tsp
  • Powdered sugar                       - 2 tbsps
  • Asafetida powder                      - 1 tsp
  • Salt                                          - to taste .
  • Oil                                           - 2 to 3 tbsps


  1. Preheat the oven to 220 degree Celsius for 10 minutes .
  2. Sift the beaten rice using a large sieve to remove fine powder of aval.
  3. Drizzle a little oil and required salt in the oil and mix well .the oil is just to  get the salt coated onto the aval .
  4. Place the beaten rice on the baking sheet and keep it into the oven and bake for five to ten minutes, until crisp .Watch it closely ,don’t burnt it because each oven works differently .
  5. Fry it in batches .Don’t over crowd the aval otherwise aval will not become crisp . If everything is fried keep them in a large mixing bowl .
  6.  Dry roast the groundnuts and white sesame seeds until it crackles and add it to the baked aval .
  7. Heat a tsp of oil and fry the raisins until it bloats up and add it to the aval .
  8. In the same way fry the green chillies until crisp and mix with the above mixture .
  9. Finally heat a teaspoon of oil and switch off the flame and add turmeric powder, chilli powder and asafetida powder and mix well.
  10. Last but not the least add the taste enhancing sugar and dry roasted curry leaves to the aval mixture .
  11. Mix well all the ingredients gently .
  12. The  low calorie Baked Chivda is ready to serve .


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