Friday, 6 November 2015


Ribbon pakoda is also called as ribbon murukku .It is vey simple to preapare  .In Andra Pradesh this is called Nada Karasu .Instead of bengal gram flour we can substitute with chutney gram flour . This is usually made during Diwali and a perfect tea time snack .


Rice flour                                             -3 cups
bengal gram flour                              - 1 cup
Salt                                                       - to taste
White sesame seeds                          - 1 tsp
Red chilli powder                               - 2 tsps
Butter                                                 - 1 tbsp (heaped)


Sieve and mix the rice flour and bengal  gram flour with salt redchilli powder .
Mix the butter with the sieved flour .
Divide it equally into ten parts .
Sprinkle water each time separately to each part of the flour to make a thick dough .
Apply oil in a murukku maker with long slit disc and fill with preapared dough .
Press it directly to hot oil in a rotator motion .when it is slightly crisp (the sound and bubbles subside)turn over.
When crisp and becomes golden on both sides, remove from oil  with a perforated spoon and keep over colander base to drain excess oil .

Your crispy Ribbon Pakoda  is ready .

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