Friday, 6 November 2015


Rasagulla is a traditional Bengali sweet prepared from paneer. This soft juicy spongy sweet balls is one of our favourite sweets. For a change I have made this rasagullas with melted chocolate Chocogullas for the chocolate lovers and specially for cutie kids. Try these  chocolaty chocogullas.


Full fat milk                                      - ½ litre for paneer & ¼ litre for melting chocolate 
Sugar                                                 - ½ cup
Lemon juice                                       - 3 tbsps
Cooking chocolate                             -5O grams +5o grams(for making rasagullas & for                                                                  chocolate syrup .)


First prepare paneer from half litre milk
Scramble the paneer with a tbsp of maida .
Then knead into a smooth ball and keep aside .
Then boil the ¼ litre of milk for five minutes on high flame .reduce the flame and add the grated chocolate .
Boil the milk and chocolate in a lower flame till the chocolate melts and then add paneer and after a few minutes add the sugar .
Cook the paneer in the melted chocolate till it becomes thick.let it cool for sometime and make big lemon size balls.Melt some chocolate with milk and put the chocolate rasagullas in the melted chocolate.
Your chocogullas are ready .

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  1. I've never heard of rasagullas with chocolate .. probably you should get patent rights for the recipe as it is very different ..looks super yum ..:)