Saturday, 27 February 2016


Grape Yoghurt Popsicles, another  special and healthy  refresher to cool up your kids, You will get the goodness of both  grapes and yoghurt, .Kids who don’t like fruits  and curds will surely love       these popsicles. Gift your kids a healthy and refreshing summer with this lovely home madeGrapes yoghurt  popsicles.


     Fresh thick yoghurt
-1 cup
     Grape juice
-1 cup
-2 to 3 tbsps


   Blend the curd with 1 tbsp of honey.
   Blend the grapes with 1 tbsp of honey. (just whip the grapes don’t make a paste.)
   Pour  blended curd and grapes alternatively in the popsicle moulds.
   Freeze the popsicles till it is firm or set.
   Freezy Grape Yoghurt Popsicles are ready.

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