Tuesday, 9 February 2016


A sparkling, pretty and refreshing drink for summer.This fruity cooler is very easy to make. Pomegranate has impressive anti inflammotary effects, this fruit is loaded with lot of nutrients and medicinal properties.
Try this homemade pamegranate lemonade.


 Pomegranate juice            - 2 cups
 Fresh Lemon Juice           - 1/4 cup
 Honey                                     - 2 tbsp( if you want more sweeter add                                                                                                                                 some more)
Ice Cubes                               - 2 or 3

Honey                                    - 1 tsp

 Deseed the Pomegranate and blend it in  mixie and place on a sieve.
With the back of a spoon press the blended pomegranate seeds, to extract fresh juice.. 
Mix the lime juice and honey to pomegranate juice.
Refreshing pomegranate lemonade is ready to drink.
Serve chilled with ice cubes.


If you like the mint flavour add 7 or 8 fresh mint leaves while blending.

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