Tuesday, 1 March 2016


I always look for variety, tasty and healthy breakfast options, because start of the day should be energetic. I cannot stick to the same dish every time as I get bored of it. Mainly most of the kids and even adults don’t like to eat Idli .I always try to prepare various options with idlis and make it more interesting. So I tried with sweet corn. A great hit. Try this sweet corn Idli for a change instead of regular idlis. 

Sweet corn is a fibre boosting, nutrient rich and gluten free. Antioxidant activity in the sweet corn is increased when it is cooked,which helps protect the body from cancer and heart disease.

Par boiled rice                     - 2 1/2 cups
Raw rice                                 - 1 cup
Urad dal                                 - ½ cup
Methi seeds                          - 1 tsp
Salt                                          - to taste


Fresh sweet corn kernels                  - ½ cup
Salt                                                            - 2 pinches
Pepper powder                                    - ¼ tsp
Idli batter                                               - 2 to 3 cups

Mix everything well and keep aside.


Soak parboiled rice and raw rice together in enough water for 4 hours.
Soak urad dal with fenugreek seeds separately  in another vessel in enough water for 4 hours.
Wash and grind urad dal separately to a very fine paste adding ½ cup of water initially, and sprinkle water at regular intervals while grinding.( we could see the small bubbles in the batter). This is the right time to take out the batter,
Wash and grind both the rices almost finely.
Mix both the rice batter and urad dal batter in a large vessel for fermentation adding required salt, mix well and keep closed for 10 to 12 hours.
At the time of making idlis mix the batter well .
Idli batter is ready, now let’s mix the sweet corn kernels with the idli batter and pour the batter to the greased idli mould.
Steam cook for 10 minutes.remove idlis from the idli moulds after 10 minutes.
Sweet corn idli is ready to serve.
Seve hot with sambar or any other accompaniments.


You can mix garam masala or chat masala to the sweet corn to make it more spicy. It is your choice.
If you don't get fresh sweet corn kernels use frozen sweet corns.

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