Sunday, 12 March 2017


Thandai is the main beverage of Holi and also Mahashivratri, traditionally served. Traditionally it was made by soaking the spices in milk or water overnight and then grinding them to a fine paste before mixing in the milk along with a few other ingredients.Just make a batch of this easy hassle free Thandai masala powder and all you need is 5 minutes to make a delicous drink. 


Almonds                                                 - handful
Melon seeds                                           - 1 tbsp
Green cardamom                                - 3 pods
Pista                                                        - 4 nos
White pepper                                       - 4 nos
Black pepper                                        - 2 nos
Rose petals                                      - 6 to 10 petals
Fennel seeds                                       - ¼ tsp
Poppy seeds                                        - ¼ tsp
Saffron                                                   -a pinch


Chilled milk                          - 2 cups
Thandai masala powder                 - 2 tbsps
Home made Nannari sharbath                - 2 tbsps
  For home made nannari / sarasapill sharbath check the below link


In a clean dry mixer jar, add almonds,cashews and pistachios.
Then add pepper corns and fennel seeds,melon seeds,cardamom,saffron,dry rose petals.
First grind it to a coarse powder.Scrap the sides and pulse it few times.
Allow to cool down then store in a clean airtight container.
Pour chilled full  milk, sharbath in a blender jar and add 2 tbsps of  thandai masala powder to it and blend in a blender.
Strain,the thandai milk  well
.Serve chilled with a pinch of thandai masala powder.

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