Monday, 8 January 2018


Multi millets chikku / sappotta honey sakkarai  pongal.This is the perfect time to blog this recipe. This chikku sakkarai  pongal is a very rich & sweet millet dessert recipe .We can make it for any special occasions & festivals. Only natural sweetner like chikku / sappotta extract and honey are added  for sweetness to this recipe. This is prepared with Saamai / small millet, kodo millet / varagarisi, thinai / foxtail millet, barnyard millet / kudhiraivali arisi and green gram dhal. Ghee is also skipped for this chikku / sappotta sakkarai pongal. Cashews are dry roasted. So a wonderful sweet dessert for weight watchers.millets are  cooked in  chikku / sappotta extract  gives a super rich taste & flavors . sappotta extract is  the highlight of this dessert.  


Kodo millet / varagarisi, samai arisi / small millet kudhirai vali / barnyard millet, thinai / foxtail millet                 - altogether  ½ cup
Green gram dhal                   - ¼ cup
Honey                                       - 250 grams
Chikku / sappotta extract     - 2 ½ cups( 4 medium sized chikku / sappottas are needed)
Cashews                                     - 10 nos
Cardamom powder             - ½ tsp


Blend the peeled and chopped chikku / sappotta with one cup of milk and keep aside.
Wash the millets and dhal Pressure cook adding 2 ½ cups of  chikku / sappotta extract
Cook the millets and dhal mixture for 8 to 10  whistles.
Open the cooker after the pressure has been released .
Add the honey to the cooked millet dal mixture and mix well and  Cook over the medium flame, honey .
Add cardamom powder
Dry roast the cashews and add it to the  sappotta / chikku sakkarai pongal.
Yummy natural sweetner multi millets honey chikku / sappotta sakkarai pongal is ready to celebrate our traditional pongal in a fusion way.

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