Saturday, 6 June 2015


The pomegranate is considered to have originated in the region from Iran to northern India, and has been since ancient times throughout the Mediterranean reg.
Pomegranate seeds are excellent sources of dietary fiber which is entirely contained in the edible seeds. Juice of the pomegranate may be effective in reducing heart disease risk factors. In a limited study of hypertensive patients, consumption of pomegranate juice for two weeks was shown to reduce systolic blood pressure. Juice consumption may also inhibit viral infections while pomegranate extracts have antibacterial effects against dental plaque. Recipe for the healthy summer delight is following!!

Try this pomegranate lassi to refresh yourself.


chilled full fat fresh curd / yogurt              - 2 cups
Pomegranate pearls                                         -1 cup
Fresh cream                                                      - 2 tbsp
sugar or honey                                               - 5 tbsp

Honey                                          - 1 tbsp


Make puree with pom pearls, sugar or honey
Add chilled yogurt, cream
Blend for a minute  till everything is mixed well.
Garnish it with honey and serve chilled.

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