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Thaipusam, like most Hindu festivals, celebrates the victory of good over evil.It is believed that godess Parvati gave the "Vel" (lance) to Lord Muruga on the Thaipusam day to vanquish the Asura (demon) army.Thaipusam is mainly celebrated in TamilNadu and in parts of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

We celebrate Thai Pusam by offering paanakam and sweet bean sundal (sweet payaru) to Lord Muruga.Sweet Payar is a dish prepared during the "cradle ceremony" of a new born baby. 
       Panakam is a great thirst quencher. Since Thai Poosam falls at the beginning of the  
       summer season, Panakam is the right choice for nivedyam.        Panakam has jaggery, which is an instant energy booster, and dry ginger, which will  
       alleviate any gastric problems due to the heat . You can also add dry ginger powder          (chukku podi) to paanakam.

      I have prepared paanakam with sugarcane  juice using fresh ginger instead of dry ginger.
     Try out this Sugarcane Paanakam for this Thai Poosam and get Lord Karthikeya's blessings.

Sugarcane juice                        -3 cups
Water                                            - 2 cups
       Ginger                                          - 1/4 inch piece
       Jaggery grated                          -2 teaspoons
      Green cardamom powder  -1/2 teaspoon
      Lemon                                        - 1 no

Wash the ginger, peel and crush nicely.
 Add two cups water to sugar cane juice and add  crushed ginger, jaggery and boil for five to ten minutes.
Add cardamom powder, mix well and remove from fire.
 Strain through a strainer.
Allow to cool and add juice of one lemon.
Karumbu chaaru paanakam / sugarcane paanakam is ready for nivedyam.

Chant this Shanmukha Gayatri and get blessings from Lord Shanmukha.
                                                                     SHANMUKHA GAYATRI

Shanmukha Gayatri Mantra is also known by different names such as Murugan Gayatri, Skanda Gayatri or Kartikeya Gayatri Mantra. 

                                                                      Om Thatpurushaya Vidhmahe
                                                                              Maha Senaya Dhimahi
                                                                    Thanno Skanda Prachodhayath

 Om Thatpurushaya Vidhmahe
Maha Senaya Dhimahi
Thanno Shanmuga Prachodhayath

Om, let us meditate on the Supreme lord who is the Supreme General of the great Deva Army, Lord Shanmukha or Muruga. May he enlighten us and guide us to be one with him.

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